PADI Digital Underwater Photography and Videography

PADI Digital Underwater Photographer Course

underwater photoThis course available in three different versions; one for scuba divers, one for snorkelers and one for skin divers. Underwater photography has grown increasingly popular during recent years, thanks to the availability of affordable underwater cameras and camera houses.

The PADI Digital Underwater Photographer Course is an entry-level course that doesn’t require any previous experience from underwater photography. You must be 10 years or older. If you want to participate in the photography course for scuba divers, you will also need an Open Water Diver Certificate.

You will need a digital underwater camera to participate in the course, and you also need access to a computer where you can download and view your photographs. If you take the scuba diving version of the course, you will also need basic scuba equipment. Many dive schools that offer the PADI Digital Underwater Photographer Course have all these things available for rent, especially if they are located in tourist areas.

Course elements

The PADI Digital Underwater Photographer Course focuses on hands-on training before and during two scuba dives.

After successfully completing the course, you will know how to employ practical techniques to take great photographs with your digital camera under water. You will know basic principles for good composition of underwater images, and you will have be familiar with the PADI SEA method (SEA = Shoort, Examine, Adjust) for quick shots. You will also know more about how to select an underwater camera system that suits your particular needs.


If you want to get started right ahead, you can sign up for an e-course named PADI’s Digital Underwater Photographer Online. It is a web-based course where you go through the theory to make you more prepared for your photo dives. An interactive program is available and you study at your own pace.

PADI Underwater Videographer Course

uw photoVideo is a great way of capturing the wonderful world below and share it. The PADI Underwater Videographer Course will teach you the basics about how to use an underwater camera to film the sights, motions, sounds and events that you encounter during a scuba dive. You will also learn how to edit your films back on land. The PADI Underwater Videographer Course is open to divers with an Open Water Diver Certificate. You need to be 10 years or older to enroll.

Course elements

The course covers fundamental elements such as exposure, focus, sequencing and story line. As mentioned above, video editing after a scuba dive is also included in the curriculum.

In addition to this, you will learn abou how to select, maintain and care for your underwater video equipment.


If you want to start out right away, you can go to the PADI site and find out more about PADI’s eLearning option. The third section of the Digital Underwater Photographer Online is devoted video (the two first are about still photography).